Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So every weekend I do all my laundry. I do it all on Saturday to save money on my electric bill. So had it all done and this is what my laundry basket looked like by Monday! How could we go through so many clothes in 1 day??? The answer my husband! He must have cleaned up his side of the bedroom Sunday night when he got home from work. I am grateful he picked up but I wish he would have done it on Friday night instead :). Oh well I am just happy to have such a great little family, even if we go through so many clothes in 1 day!


On Monday I had to work at my dad's office and I got home from work and just wanted to have fun with my little family. So I told Billy we should go the park for a little while. Mattie had her shoes on in like 3 seconds flat! We had so much fun just playing on the slides and the swings with the girls. Mommy and Mattie went on the swings and I was teaching Mattie how to pump her legs so she could swing herself. She thought that was pretty fun. Kylee like going down the slides with daddy! Then Mattie & Kylee bounced on the green dino thing! That is when Kylee is doing the great face. I love having such a fun time with my husband and 2 beautiful girls! Kylee LOVED the swing!


So Kylee has a few things she really likes to do around my house. One playing in my cupboards and making lots of noise with whatever is in there. She also likes to slam the doors closed because it is LOUD! ha, ha! Also she like to try out her new trick........WALKING!!! She thinks it is great she can walk around, so do I. Sometimes it is hard that she can walk but all in all I love to watch her try out her new fun thing. She is getting big way to fast!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sir Lance A Lot :)

So today we were at Costco getting a few groceries and Mattison was standing with me the whole time while Billy had Kylee in the cart. So at one point we realized we had forgotten something. We had already passed that isle so I told Billy that Mattie and I would be right back. Mattie and I went to the isle we needed and as we were walking down the isle I hear Mattie say quite loudly "She has a BIG butt mommy!!!" I am mortified and to make matters worse the lady and her mother looked right at me. I didn't know what to do I was frozen. I just smiled and said hi like maybe she didn't really hear. (yeah right, huh?) Then I grabbed Mattie's hand and booked it down the isle and out of sight. I was in so much shock. She wasn't saying it in a mean way she was saying it like a statement. Apparently it is beginning, you know where you are afraid to take your kids anywhere wondering what they will say next. My guess is I am getting payback for all the times I did this sort of thing to my parents. Once again I am apologizing to my mom and my dad. Got to love the 3 year old :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Binkie where are you???

Kylee is our binkie girl. She was sucking on her binkie this morning and then she lost it somewhere in her travels around the house. So I go looking in all the normal places and it is no where to be found. So I tried to retrace ALL her steps (or crawls :) ). She went to Mattie's room, nope. She went to her room, nope. She crawled into the kitchen, nope. By the way the reason I know all the places she went and the order she did them in is because she was following me everywhere I went. Then I remembered I had to go to the bathroom and of course she followed me right in. As a mommy there are no personal places anymore, ha, ha! So anyways I went in the bathroom and nope no binky. Except she was playing with the shower curtain. So I go open the shower curtain and yep she had put her binky in the tub. So now I have a new place to look for a missing binky. She is so blasted cute even if she does follow me into the bathroom. I remember when I was younger and my mom would say just let me go to the bathroom by myself or I'll be out in a minute. Erin (the baby of course) would even stick her fingers under the bathroom door when my mom was in there thinking that maybe that would speed my mom up. I actually think it had the opposite affect. So I would like to say sorry mom for all those bathroom interruptions. As a mommy it seems like everyone all of the sudden needs you or needs to tell you something as soon as you close the bathroom door. ha, ha. I remember on my mission going to the bathroom and showering was the only time I was by myself, no joke. I remember towards the end of my mission one morning I was going to the bathroom and I thought I can't wait to get home and be able to have a life where I can be alone for more than 10 minutes. That only lasted for 6 months after being home because I was married after that and then had children. So the rest is history. Private time??? What is private time??? ha, ha

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sister moments, priceless!

The other day Kylee started to get hungry and Mattie said she wanted to feed her. I said "ok". I went and prepared the bottle and then laid Kylee in Mattie's lap and the memories began. Mattie loves her sister very much and is very protective of her. So Mattie feeding Kylee was going well then it progresses into an even more precious moment.

I just love the way Mattie loves to care for her little sister. I hope and pray that their relationship stays close and more wonderful memories are created in years to come. Mommy loves you girls!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Party of the year!

Happy Birthday everyone with October birthdays!

Party!! For any of you who weren't able to attend the party of the

year, here are some great pics. Tausha & I were so happy to be able to be at a weekend function with our spouses. So I have documentation that Tausha & I were NOT solo at this fun shindig!

I also have to put a shout out to my new little babe...Brendal (sorry if it is spelled wrong, I tried :) ). She was attached to my hip and I loved it! She wouldn't even go to the bathroom without me :)
There were so many more pictures but you get the idea. We all had a great time with lots of yummy food. Thanks mom for being such a great host! You are such a party girl! Who is doing the next big bash???

Friday, October 17, 2008

Concert for Nie

There is a concert being held for my cousin's wife Stephanie. All the proceeds for this concert will go for the recovery fund. Stephanie & Christian's medical bills will be in the millions, so every dollar counts. It is being held on Oct. 25th click below and you can see the flyer with all the details. Thanks for all your love and support.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


So I was reading C Jane Run's blog and she was writing a story of her history that she thought someday her kids may want to hear. I am going to follow in her example today. I have had something very close to my heart for a few years now that I would like to have documented for my kids and grand kids to be able to read. So here it goes. (Warning this will probably be a little long but it is a story that deserves no details left out).

It all began in 2005 when my daughter Mattison was only 9 months old. I had a bump on my left shoulder that was becoming very uncomfortable. I had it for a little while but figured it would go away, maybe it was a zit or something. Well it continued to grow and it was starting to discolor my skin to a purplish color (just in the spot where the bump was :) ). So I went to my dad and asked him what it was and he told me it looked like a sebaceous cyst. That is just a little sac of fluid, nothing to worry about, it just needed to be removed. So I went to my PCP where I was told the same thing that my dad had told me. They referred me to a general surgeon to remove the cyst. I met with the general surgeon who told me that she agreed it was just a cyst. We scheduled the surgery, the only problem was I was going to have to wait about a month or so for it to be removed. I figured okay I was going on vacation with my family anyways so I will just tough it out. My family and I all went to Atlantis in the Bahamas to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary. It was an amazing time. We created so many wonderful memories.
We came home and my shoulder was hurting me quite a bit more and it was growing even more. So I called the surgeon and asked if they could please get me in sooner. They said she was booked but they could get me in with one of her associates. I said "Yes". I wanted it out. The sore was becoming so uncomfortable that it even hurt when the shower water hit it.
So that next week I went into the surgeons office and he removed it right there.
So I figure everything is okay now, it's out and that is that. Now the small scar just has to heal and that's the end. He did tell me that they send the cyst to a lab just to make sure everything is okay and he would contact me in a few days.
So a little more than a week later I am home by myself when the doctor calls me. He calls to tell me my tumor (not cyst) came back malignant and that it is called Sarcoma. He than told me if I want to know more about it to look it up on the Internet. Yes you heard me right, look it up on the Internet. I then told him my dad is a doctor and could probably tell me about it. The doctor said "Here is my pager number have your dad call me right back." I told him okay. I then said "Doesn't malignant mean cancerous?" He said "Yes, just have your dad page me right away". I hung up and called my dad right away. I told my dad everything and he was stunned. He asked me if I was sure he said Sarcoma. I told him yes that I had even had the doctor spell it for me. I hung up with my dad while he paged the doctor. I called my husband and asked him to come home right away I was a little shaken up obviously. He hurried home to me and held me in his big warm arms. My dad called me back and told me that he and my mom where on there way over to talk to us. For anyone who knows my dad they know he contributes every sickness to allergies :). At least that is our running family joke. So when my dad said that he and my mom were on their way over I was a little alarmed. They came over and stated we were going to be aggressive with this and my diet was going to change and everything was going to be fine. I agreed I knew deep down everything was going to be fine. Thank goodness to a lot of my dad's connections we had a lot of miracles come our way. We had a dear friend who hooked us up with a specialist from Mayo Clinic. There are only 2 doctors in the state of Arizona that specialize in this type of tumor. My father contacted this doctor and told him my story. It is normally a couple of months at least to get in with him but he squeezed us in right away. Our first meeting with him was in between his surgeries in a cast room. That in itself was a miracle. He told us he wanted a MRI done right away. He also said most likely I would have chemotherapy and also radiation done so we could really attack this. So I had the MRI done and I had blood work done and then we scheduled the surgery. They sent my tumor to Harvard to be tested and looked at by a man who has written the book on these types of tumors. I was told that this type of tumor usually only shows up in people who are at least in there thirties. Mind you I am 25 years old, newly married and have a 9 month old daughter. Then I was told that only 1% of people who get tumors have this type of tumor. So needless to say it is a rare thing to get. I asked my father to give me a blessing before my surgery. He of course agreed. So we had a special fast and that night my dad, husband and many other men that I love so much stood in a circle and gave me a blessing from my Heavenly Father. I felt such a strong spirit as these loving men encircled me with their love and power of the priesthood. I was blessed that all would be well and that the spirit would direct the doctors hands. After the blessing I felt especially good about everything and what the outcome would be. All of my family was so very strong for me. My husband held me when I needed to cry, laughed with me when I needed a laugh and loved me through it all. My parents did EVERYTHING in their power to help me. My dad missed work (which he doesn't do) they went to all my appointments with me so my husband could go to work so we could still pay all our bills. My sister Tara watched my little one and was a great support to me. All of my sisters and my family and friends were there. They prayed for me, I know it because I felt the strength I needed to get through all of this because of their prayers and faith. A few days later I was told that by some miracle the tumor was benign. The doctor told us that not only usually is it that only 1% of people that get a tumor have this rare type but it is a 1% chance that of that 1% is it benign. When I was told that, I actually lost my breath for a moment. I know that the blessing I received healed me that day. The doctors may not see it that way but I surely do! During all of this I had to stop nursing cold turkey which was hard on me and the baby. I was still suppose to have the procedure done to clean out the surrounding tissue so that it wouldn't come back. My dear friend Jen Bryce took me to have the out patient surgery done so that my mother could care for my little one. I am so grateful to all of those who were there for me and my little family. I know there are not strong enough words to express how grateful I am to all of those who prayed for me and helped by using their resources to help me. A little time after the surgery was done and I was doing good I was driving with my parents and my baby. We were discussing how grateful we were that everything went they way it did. We were so grateful for this miracle that God blessed us with. My father then proceeded to tell me something that no one had told me the whole time I was going through this ordeal. He told me that when the first surgeon went in and took the tumor out and closed me up he had pretty much ended my life. When he cut the tumor it causes a wildfire effect. It spreads throughout the body so fast you can not stop it. I was to die within 6 weeks to 6 months at the most. Once again I lost my breath. When my father talked to the man who looked at my tumor from Harvard he told my father to tell me that I have dodged a bullet. I want my Heavenly Father to know how grateful I am that He let me live. Thank you for blessing me with another baby. I just recently had a follow-up MRI done and I am happy to announce it came back clean!!! I am more grateful now than ever that I am blessed to take breath everyday!

Mattie's new Nerf gun!

So if you look very carefully at the center of Kylee's forehead you will notice a nerf dart! Yes Mattie (and Billy :) ) got nerf guns. Mattie thought it was so fun to run around the house and shoot daddy. She has pretty good aim as you can see. Actually Billy placed it on her forehead because the girls thought it was funny when Billy placed it on his forehead. Kylee thought this was great fun. I sure love my little family and love how we can have so much fun together.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Grandma and Kristie!!! I just wanted you to know that I love you and I am so grateful to have you both in my life. Grandma I love how much you love your family. I appreciate how you are always willing to help me and my family when we have needed it. I love you grandma, I will always be your little angel! Kristie thank you for being such a great aunt. You are always

there when I need to talk. I love all the fun memories I have with you (and Patty of course.) I remember sleeping at your house and playing with the dogs. We were never bored when we were with you. I love how much you love all your nieces and nephews (great nieces and nephews included). I am glad you met Jeff and that he makes you happy. You deserve the best! So what I am trying to say ladies is... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


So my friend Amanda called me and asked me to watch her baby girl Kadence. She is so cute and has a blast playing with my girls so of coarse I said yes. Kadence and Kylee had a ton of fun playing together. Kylee and Kadence played until they were so tired they could not stay awake anymore. So I had given Kylee a bottle and put her down, Kadence was still awake so she played with Billy while I took a quick shower. I was in there for maybe 5 minutes and this is what I came back to, Kadence passed out asleep on my floor. She literally had stopped in her tracks and laid down. She slept that way for over an hour and a half. Also you will notice she is only in a diaper. She was only here for about 5 minutes when she pulled a cup of orange juice down on
herself. So needless to say she ran around in her diaper the rest of the
time. Amanda said later though that she prefers it that way. :) So apparently this is what happens to kids that come to play at my house, we play so hard they fall asleep right where they stand! ha, ha. I had a lot of fun watching the girls play together and was also happy to see them both sleeping. I look forward to watching her again this week. Party on baby girls!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I vote for Mattison!!

This video will demonstrate why my 3 year old daughter Mattison would be a better candidate for President than Obama. First of all you will notice she puts her hand on her heart! Second she says the pledge of allegiance because she knows we need to honor this beautiful country we live in. At the age of 3 she is already learning that in this country we need to honor those men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedoms in this promised land. I am so proud to hear my 3 year old say the pledge and know that you smile and touch you heart in gratitude. Vote for Mattison! You will need to pause the music at the very bottom of the screen and you will need to turn the volume up because she talks a little soft. Enjoy, I know I did!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Today my dad turned 52 years old and looks amazing! He gets mistaken for the Hulk ALL the time (without the green skin of coarse). He has so many amazing qualities. One of the things that I admire most about him is that he adores my mother and would "rope" the moon for her (did you like that pun) :). He also loves having his grand kids around. I put a picture of Ava in the swing because she wasn't born yet when we had the other family pics. Anyways, he just thinks the grand kids can do NO wrong. Unless of coarse if was scratching the PRECIOUS (said like Smeegal from Lord of the Rings) pool table. Ha, ha! He is always whiling to help his girls out. He wants us all close to home. We all live close, or in Krista's case to close (ha, ha just kidding Kris, Love ya), except Erin, the baby. She lives in Mesa with her husband Steve. My dad is not a big fan of this but what can you say. He loves his girls. He likes that we all know we could come to him with whatever and he would be there. He enjoys spending time with all of his son-in-laws and looks forward to the day when he gets to have one more son-in-law! He is a hard working man. He doesn't know when to stop. He owns and operates his own chiropractic office and helps with the National Board of Examiners for chiropractors. He is also the Branch President of a singles ward. The singles love him so much. I have had many of them come to me and tell me how much they love him. It seems he is always on the phone with someone but it is because he cares so much about everyone he knows. He is well respected in the home at church and in the professional world. He is admired by all his family and friends. I just want my dad to know that I as his #1 favorite daughter that I love and appreciate all he does for me and my family. Love you dad!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Talk

On Sunday we were all having family dinner together as usual. Sunday dinner at my parents house is one of the great highlights of my week. I am always excited to visit with my parents and my sisters and play with my nieces and nephews. Even if it is playing pool with my nephews and them kicking my butt. Anyways this Sunday while we were eating I looked over at Ava in the swing and heard Kylee talking to her. Then as soon as Kylee stopped talking Ava would start talking back. It was such a precious moment. If only we knew what they were saying. In my mind it went something like this: Kylee: I am so glad you have come to earth and we could be so close.

Ava: I am happy to be here. We have a lot of work to do! I am glad we get to do it together though!

Kylee: I know me too! I love you Ava and look forward to more talks together.

Ava: Me too! We will definitely have plenty to talk about with how much

we have to prepare before Christ comes. Love you Kylee!

Kylee: Love you too Ava! We'll talk again soon.

New Hair!!

I love the new do! Erin saves the day AGAIN! Thanks to Erin I have beautiful hair. In fact when I got home Mattie opened the door and said "What the heck you cut your hair! You are beautiful!" It was so cute. Then Billy saw it and he couldn't stop staring. Throughout the rest of the day I kept catching Billy staring at me and smiling. Then he would say "I just love this haircut, you look sexy." So thanks again Erin because I feel sexy and sassy! After the haircut Erin and I went to lunch at Baja Fresh and shared a yummy nacho burrito. Then we went shopping at Last Chance and found some great bargains. I had a great day with you Erin, you are the best!! Love you so much!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Little Princess!

So Billy and I finally got a comforter for Mattie's bed and she LOVES it! We are trying to make her room her

own personal princess castle where she can use her imagination and be creative.
I also thought instead of having just plain white closet doors I put up a castle shower curtain. Needless to say she ADORES the castle curtain. I love what the quilt says "It's not easy being a princess".

Also this is the curtain for her window, except I am going to make a wider light pink curtain to go behind the princess curtain. I love the curtain a lot too because when the sun comes in her room it turns her whole room that bright pink color! SWEET!! Mommy and Daddy love you my little princess Mattie!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Paging Erin!

Attention ALL bloggers!!! I am screaming for help from my amazing hairstylist Erin!! I am posting this picture so you all know what I deal with EVERYDAY! It will hopefully make you appreciate my hair more when I style it. It is a lot of work to maintain this crazy thick, long hair! I have just scheduled my haircut! I am soooooo excited. My appointment is this Monday so stay tuned for the after hair appointment picture. Erin now is the time for you to be thinking of the best haircut and color for me!! I think I would like to go a little darker for the winter time :)


Hi! So I have a question I have a follower I don't know. Whitters would you please tell me who you are and how you know me, if you know me?? Curiosity is getting to me. :) Thanks!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Calling ALL friends and family.......time to PARTY Weathersby style!! So anyone who wants to come celebrate a few October birthdays with me and my "peeps" (as my mom calls them :) ) please go to my mom's blog for all the fun details! It is Mine, Tara, Grandma's, Aunt Kristie and my dad's birthday (along with many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends too). Look forward to having you there! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME, oh yeah and everyone else. hee, hee :)