Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Go ROCKSTAR Tara!!!!

So for any of you who do not know my sister Tara is a ROCKSTAR!!! She is a VERY busy mom, volunteers teaching aerobics 2 days a week, teaches dance 4 days a week, helps kids with homework, cares for Ava Bean while the other kids are at school. Then she keeps a clean house, makes dinner, eats healthy, looks amazing! She has a very fun but time consuming calling which she goes above and beyond for. She has a fun personality that makes you laugh for days! She is a hard worker not afraid to get her hands dirty and she is creative too! Also her rockin' husband works 24 hour shifts at least every third day as a Glendale fireman and is attending school also. So he is very active and has to be away from the home for long periods of time which leaves Tara to be WONDERWOMEN which she does VERY well! (man I wish I had a picture of Tara when she was dressed as Wonderwomen for Halloween once, it would fit so perfect here). hee, hee Then on top of all of that and so many other things that I didn't mention she decided to join a group of runners and do a relay from Prescott to Tempe. I know she's a mad women! I just want my sister Tara to know how amazed I am by her and her AWESOME abilities! She is a great example to me and she is so dedicated in all she does. I love you TK!! So her relay race startes this Friday the 26th and finishes Saturday the 27th so come cheer her on! She has 3 legs of the race. (I posted all the race details at the bottom of the post including maps of Tara's legs of the race.) Good luck Tara, I know you will do AMAZING because everything you do, you do AMAZINGLY!!

These are her three legs of the race. The first one she will probably start around 8:30 am, and that one will be the furthest away so she will understand if you will not be able to be there.
Her second leg she will probably start about 8:20ish pm. Her third leg will be on Sat morning starting at about 9am. The whole race ends at Tempe Market Place and her team is estimating they will finish around 3:00pm. (if all goes as planned:)
Her three legs are pictured in order. (Just click on the map to enlarge it)
Leg 1

Leg 2
Leg 3
Come cheer my AWESOME, AMAZING, ROCKSTAR OF A SISTER on in her race!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Growing up is hard to do!!

That is right I Brayden Neuel got my first car! Is that not the hottest car bouncer? Thank you Amanda for the fun toy! I love that I can rest my head on the seat. Perfect!
Aren't I cute? This is yummy!
Ok that was some hard play time, now I need a nap....goodnight!

Hey I had so much fun I even made Kylee fall asleep.

Alright I'm awake again...sort of.
Ok so I have been really some of you know I went to the hospital from some stupid RSV thing my mommy keeps saying. All I know is they stuck some nasty tube down my nose and sucked the heck out of it. Why didn't they just ask me to blow? That would have been a lot easier and less uncomfortable! So here I am in the hospital bed with my arm taped to a board to hold it still for the iv. I learned I could suck on the end piece and at least that was fun. I'm doing much better now. Thank you for all your prayers!
Then I was able to go celebrate my Nana's birthday with all the adults and my fun cousin Parker. Happy belated birthday to the bestest Nana ever!!!!
I think Parker was ready to go home at this point though...hum, what do you think? Either that or he was mad because his mommy and Papa were holding the yummy dessert in front of his face and not sharing. Maybe a little of both. :)
I also have a new fun little chair that I can sit in all by myself! That is right this bumbo rocks!!
They even let me eat in it! That's right folks I'm learning to eat real food. It's pretty good the only thing is my mommy can't feed it to me fast enough. Oh well she will learn.
I can sit on the table in it. I guess my sisters aren't suppose to but they figured that since I can do it so can they. Whatever.
Well I need to go now because all this typing has made me hungry. I hope you have a fun day, I know I will!

(Hope you enjoy all these pictures of me Grandma Chase :) hee, hee)