Thursday, April 28, 2011

Being mom

Being a mom has so many job titles connected to it. Here are just a few things a mom does...incubator, nurturer, nurse, counselor, nutritionist, care giver, diaper changer, maid, cook, taxi, school teacher, religious teacher and SO many more things. Just having 1 of these jobs is a lot of work, to have ALL of them and SO MUCH MORE is exhausting sometimes. With that there are also some of the most AMAZING moments of your life. I remember bringing all 3 of my beautiful children into this life. It was HARD but SO SO SO worth it. I have learned in my short life that anything worth having you have to work hard for! This is VERY much the case as a mother. You don't get paid with the money you deserve for your many "jobs" you have but you get paid with growth and character. I have a strong belief in God and I believe that he is ALWAYS right next to me in each "job". I believe he has faith in me as a mother and that he sent each of my children to me to be their mother. There are days were I think I wish he didn't have so much faith in me because I am doubting myself. Tonight and the past few days have been difficult for me for many different reasons. Because of these struggles I started doubting myself as a person and as a mother. I felt very vulnerable and I didn't like that (and still don't) but I figure that because it is hard now it must mean that something AMAZING must be coming! I pray that I will be strong and stay close to my God to give me strength. The reason that I type this now is to have as part of my journal. I believe that I learn each day as I read or hear of others experiences and I hope that this can possible do this for someone else.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Growing up

 Remember when you were a kid and your parents would tell you that you are growing up to fast...while you are rolling your eyes in your mind. You think I will never be 16 and be able to date or drive. Well history is now repeating itself except it's my child rolling her eyes in her head. I have become my parents feeling that my kids are growing up to fast. Mattison is 6 1/2 (you know you're still young when you're counting 1/2). She has lost both front teeth and looks SO cute!

Kylee is 3 1/2 and loving preschool with Mrs. Walters. She is VERY energetic an full of life. She idolizes her older sister and wants to do whatever she does. I know what that is like, I remember following my older sister Tara around doing whatever she did. I think that doesn't go away completely.
Brayden is 18 months now. WHAT?!? How can my baby be 1 1/2 years old? Seriously this all happens to fast. He is so much fun! He likes to follow Daddy everywhere he goes. Billy was repairing the guest bathroom toliet the other day and Brayden just squatted and jabbered while Billy worked. He already LOVES football just like his Daddy. He can tell the difference between football and basketball. The boy loves sports!

** Ok I am using my mom's computer and I can't figure out how to move pictures and text and it is driving me nuts! So enjoy the text and you can put the pictures & text together for each child. Just be happy for a new post ok? :) hee, hee**