Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to #1 Mom!!!

I just wanted to say a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best mother in the whole wide world!!! She is the most amazing mother anyone could ask for and more. She has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. She has taught me so much! She inspires me to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. She sees the best in me even when I don't. She is beautiful inside and out. She is the perfect wife for my father. I love this picture of my mom with her very best friend. That is TRUE love!! She loves her family to bits. She is so caring and loving with ALL her grandchildren. She is always there when you need her. One of my favorite things about my mom is she laughs at all my jokes. She thinks so much is funny. She has the greatest laugh. You can't not laugh when she laughs. She has an amazing testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. She was never afraid to show us how much she loves the gospel. She helped all of her children and so many others to gain their own testimonies. So many people tell me how amazing my mom is. I just smile and say "I know!! She is the best!". So thanks mom for being you and for being a major part of my life and my families life. I love you so much!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

No camera!!! :(

So sorry my posts have been picture less but my camera has officially gone to the grave!!! I am so sad not to have a camera. There have been so many times when I run to get my camera to take a great picture to blog about and I then remember I don't have a camera. :( It is very, very sad not to have a camera!! I am hoping to be able to buy a new one at Costco in the next few weeks. I'm pretty sure Billy is sick of hearing me say, "Oh I wish I could take a picture of that!". Like today Kylee was walking around wearing my shoes and it was so cute. So of course I wanted to take a picture but couldn't. Next time right? Anyways keep your fingers crossed for a new camera soon!! Also just in case my husband reads this post, Honey this is a cute camera from Costco if you need any ideas :) It is $129.00 on sale right now!! 10.0 MP w/ zoom stabilizer (hint, hint)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My hike with Krista!

So I went over to my mom's house to go walking with my girls. Krista was getting ready to go hiking and she invited my to go with her. I asked if I would be able to take the stroller, she said no. In my head I must admit I was a tiny bit relieved. :) Then my amazing mother said "Oh I can watch them for you." Oh that would be great mom. :) So off Krista and I went to Thunderbird park off of 59th Ave and Happy Valley. Krista was so helpful. She encouraged me to go and was my motivator all the way! Thank you Krista for helping me to accomplish something that meant a lot to me. I DID it! I survived and look forward to the next time! I can't believe I just said that! hee, hee By the way the reason I have no pictures of anything for the past few posts is because my camera has officially died! So I am saving up and hope we can get a new camera soon :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tara is better than me :(

Okay so I have to give credit where credit is due. Apparently my sister Tara was a professional hula hooper in a previous life and didn't bother to tell anyone!! So I got to my mom's to defend my title as hula hoop champion and it was NOT possible! Tara has amazingly fast hips!! So congrats Tara, I guess I will find something else I can beat you at :) Please let there be at least ONE thing I can beat you at!!!!

Going to exercise!!

I was going to put a post up but then Tara made a comment that I needed to go check out the new top score of the hula hoop game on the wii fit! Then she did the evil laugh... mmm hahahaha! So I am getting dressed now hoping to defend my title as hula hoop champion!!! Results to come, maybe :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Still sore!!!

So I am still sore from doing my hula hoop exercising on the Wii Fit on Saturday! I love that I feel like I got such a great workout and had fun doing it! Tara and I didn't get to compete against each other yesterday but we will do it soon I am sure! I look forward to beating Tara over and over! I just want to add that I love my family very much. My husband and my girls bring me so much happiness. I am so blessed to have amazing parents and incredible sisters. I am so glad that my sisters have amazing spouses to add to this great family. I am also grateful for my cute grandma! I thought you would all enjoy this picture of adorable sister Krista and great Grandma!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I LOVE Wii Fit!!!

So today I tried a new exercise on the Wii fit, hula hoop! It is a lot harder than you think. I was sweating like crazy, of course I did it for 45 minutes. So I am grateful to my sister Tara! She had done the hula hoop and had a good score but I was DETERMINED to beat her score no matter how long it took me! No I'm NOT competitive (hee, hee). So after a few tries (meaning like 6 or so tries I beat her score by more that 26 turns! I was SO excited! I have all top ten scores except for Tara still has 4th place! So Tara the challenge is on!!! Beat my 255!! Anybody who would like to have a fun challenge on the Wii fit board, give me a comment! Maybe we will do that for a girls night :) What you think ladies???

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank you Fit-Club!?!?

So I am so sore today!!! Yesterday I went to aerobics. My sister Tara teaches aerobics on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Anyways, I was doing ab exercises that Tara had told us to do. I did them full out! So my abs and sides are really sore. Then after aerobics I was having a massage done. Most would be like "oh that probably felt great!". Yes, for the most part. Except I could barely move by the afternoon. She went pretty deep so my muscles hurt so bad that it hurt to even touch my skin!!!! So I finally took Ibuprofen and iced my back. Then finally at 11pm I was able to relax enough to go to sleep. Then this morning at 6 am Kylee woke up to eat and I was cramping sooooooo bad from "Mr. Happy" as Tausha would say! :) So needless to say, I am pretty sure that every muscle in my body is inflammed and cramping! So special thanks to Tara for the pain in my sides and abs, another thanks to Lynda for the pain in my shoulder and back. Then another thanks to "Mr. Happy" for reminding me that I am DEFINITELY a women! :) Not that I even doubted being a women but you know what I mean and if you don't know what I mean then to bad. :) hee, hee

Monday, January 12, 2009

Me doing Yoga???

So if you are ever feeling down or just need a GOOD laugh, come over to my mom's house while I am doing yoga on the wii yoga fit. :) That is right everyone I do NOT do the "tree" position very good at all! I don't have any type of balance on one foot. I really liked using the wii fit board though. You are deceived in thinking it will be an easy workout. This thing calculates your "fit age" by asking you some questions and running some test on you while you stand on the board. Here is a hint on how I did, it asks you if you would like to have a password to block anyone else from seeing all your info (weight, fit age, etc). There was no pause for question there, I automatically put "YES" lock that baby up!! By the time this fit club is done in 10 weeks, I have a goal of being much more healthy and fit!!! Then I will continue what I have been doing! Thanks so much Julia for starting this up! My body thanks you! :) Wii fit board until we meet again! hee, hee

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mattison the Rocker!!

So Mattie got a Hannah Montana electric guitar toy for Christmas. She loves it! I am actually happy we got it for her because EVERY time she plays it I am laughing. Apparently when you play an electric guitar you automatically become a rocker. I finally had to take a short video of Mattie playing her electric guitar! Enjoy! I especially love her facial expressions and body movement! Don't forget to pause my music at the bottom of the blog before you watch this! Have a great day and have a great time at the concert! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009


So this morning I took the girls over to see Nana and Papa. Kylee was obviously VERY excited to see HER Nana. My mom was watching Ava Bean for my sister Tara who has the flu. Let's just say Kylee does not like sharing her Nana. At one point my mom HAD to hold Ava because I was making her a bottle. So Kylee was throwing a fit and Nana gave in and picked Kylee up too. So I come back into the room and my mom is holding Ava and Kylee. Let's just say that it is a good thing Ava is small! :) I tried to take Kylee off my mom's lap and she threw a HUGE fit! It was officially time to go. Kylee had already thrown a huge fit because Nana took the phone away from her. Kylee is obsessed with the phone! My mom told me she is exactly like her mommy was at this age. I said no, not little old me! :) She even got my crazy hair syndrome. She wakes up and her hair is all over the place. Yesterday she woke up and she had hair that just look just like Chicken Little. The picture doesn't do it just but they are still cute pics! Sorry baby girl, not everything is bad :) Mommy loves you!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I was reading a friends blog and heard that her cousin had passed away at the age of 25. I was very sad. I continued to read and she spoke of where he had served his mission and it was the same place I had served. We served a mission for our church at the same time. I knew him. I was so shocked to hear he had left this earth. I spoke to Scottee (his cousin) and she and I had a nice talk. We spoke of our loving Heavenly Father and how he is mindful of everything that was going on in Ty's life. Ty had made the choice to end his own life because of all the pain he was suffering. He had challenges in his life that many of us don't understand. He obviously felt this was all he could do at this point. He has a loving family and many loving friends who will miss him until we meet again. I know that our Heavenly Father is caring for him now. I still hadn't made any final decisions on my new year's resolutions but thanks to Ty and all he has gone through I have. My #1 resolution is LIVING EACH DAY AS IF IT WERE MY LAST!
To some of you that might sound strange or wrong but it is in NO way a disrespect to Ty. It is a way for me to honor Ty. I have had loss this past year but I will take everything that I have learned from each of those loved ones to make me a better person. #2 resolution is to show my husband I love him EVERYDAY! #3 resolution is to be a better mother, by spending more one on one time with each of my girls! #4 resolution be pregnant with twins sometime in 2009 deliver in 2010 :)
So to Ty's family I am so sorry for your loss and pray that you know there are many people praying for you and love you! Thank you Ty for helping me prioritize my life in the order that it should be! God be with you until we meet again!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Recording of Christmas Eve Duet with Tausha

This is the recording of Tausha and I singing a duet of "Christmastime" by Hillary Weeks. We sang it for our annual Townsend Christmas Eve party. This isn't the best recording but it will have to do since it is the only recording we have :). The last part of the song was broken up into a second recording so watch the first video and then you can watch the end of the song by clicking on the secondvideo. Also you will need to pause my music at the very bottom of my blog before you start watching. Enjoy! Thanks again Tausha for singing with me, you are so amazingly talented!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Singing with Tausha on Christmas Eve

So I know it is late but these are a few pictures of our annual Christmas party at the Townsend's. I look forward to this party every year. We always have a big white elephant gift exchange (a.k.a. white elephant gift swap). There is always one gift that everyone is going to be the best and they switch it so many times they rub the wrapping paper down! :) Anyways my dad won a beautiful scarf! Also Dana asked people to put together some musical numbers to share. So Tausha and I decided we would do a duet. Thanks Tausha for singing with me you are so awesome!! I tried to put the recording up but I was having problems I will try again later. Have a nice day!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

No Christmas pictures!

So Billy had to work Christmas Eve and so he got home at about 3:30 am. At around 4 am he runs into out bathroom and throws up. He was VERY sick! About 4 hours later I joined him in this adventure. So as I the girls are opening there Christmas presents Billy and I are taking turns throwing up in the bathroom. So needless to say we didn't get any pictures of the great day! Although it was nice that the girls had new toys to play with to keep them entertained while Billy and I were sick. Mattison and Kylee had this same flu many days before hand so Billy and I had thought we had escaped it! Apparently not! Oh well. So we obviously didn't go anywhere or do anything. The next morning we were feeling a lot better so we went over to my parents and let the girls open their gifts from Nana and Papa! Kylee loves her little bike and here horse! Mattison loves her Hannah Montana barbie set. Santa was very nice this year. Mattie got a beautiful doll house and Kylee got an activity table! The girls were so good for us! I am especially grateful to Billy, he took care of the girls for a big part of the day since he was a little ahead of me in the game of throwing up! Trust me you don't want picture of this day :) I am so excited for the new year and all the great things I have planned to achieve! I look forward to the growth and the joys that are waiting for me and my family. Happy New Year to all of you!!