Saturday, September 4, 2010

Messy faces + Lots of fun

Kylee showing off how yummy all the chocolate that she just shoved in her mouth is!
This is MY bed almost EVERY night. Yes this is a KING size bed. You'll notice Kylee sprawled sideways across the bed with Mattison right next to her. Then you think it would be ME next to Mattison but NO it is her pet GINORMOUS horse Progo. Where do I fit you ask? The answer is in Mattison's bed. (Little reminder that Billy works nights 4 nights out of the week so I'm going to be sleeping alone anyways). hee, hee
Brayden found a piece of chocolate that Kylee dropped on the floor and made sure to gobble that up as you can tell by his face. The picture truly doesn't do it justice. If you look closely there is chocolate on his finger...the other hand is worse your just can't see it.
Daddy and his little man wearing their hats while watching Mattison and Kylee compete on the horse. This is actually where Brayden learned to clap and that made his Papa very happy. He started clapping after he saw roping. Future roper :)
This towards the end of that same day and this was at Mormon Lake so it was starting to cool down and I couldn't find his jacket. So this is the hazards of having only older sisters for backup.

Still dealing with the headaches myself but I think that I am being lead in the right direction right now. Thanks to my mom and a lot of research, my Aunt Linda and my google abilities with Mayo Clinic website. I'll keep you posted! Thanks for your prayers!!