Friday, November 27, 2009

Hotel Fun!

So while we were in Oregon we stayed in a hotel. This was my kids first time staying in a hotel. Let me just say the girls LOVED it! They thought it was great there was a pool INSIDE the hotel and that we had hot breakfast every morning with lots of different choices of food.

I know this picture is sideways but it is just so cute! Also luckily the girls didn't discover a new game until the last day...jumping from one bed to the next.
They laughed so hard they could hardly breathe. In fact I think Kylee ended up getting the hiccups.

This is Brayden after his shower for the night. Isn't he the cutest baby wrapped up in a towel?!

We had a lot of fun staying at a hotel together (even if we are all stuck in 1 room for a long time). It was all so new and exciting that it wasn't a problem. Thanks for all the fun memories La Quinta Inn! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oregon Trip

This is what happens after 18 hours of driving. :)

So this last week we traveled to Medford, Oregon for Daniel's (Billy's baby brother) wedding to an amazing girl named Brittiny. We drove for 18 hours to get there with a 2 month old, 2 year old and 5 year old. Just to clarify YES we are crazy! The sacrafices we make for family. :) The wedding was beautiful! We are so happy for Daniel and Brittiny! We were able to be with the entire Chase family, it has been a few years since that has happened.

The cousins had a great time playing together.

We were also able to get together with some GREAT friends who live in Klammath Falls, OR. Billy grew up with Craig. He has an amazing wife Molly who I had got to know through blogging.

I can now say we have met and I am so blessed to have her as a friend. I'm trying to find an AMAZING job for Craig so they will move here. :)

They have 3 handsome boys (Kole, Chase, and Krew) and 1 adorable daughter (Christa). Molly and I are trying to set up a arranged marriage for Mattison and Chase. He is the one she is sitting next to on the couch.

We had a great time driving through the snow to get to their house. Molly made us a great dinner before we started our journey home. This day was also mine and Billy's 6 year wedding anniversary! Love you babe!

This is the tempurature outside while we were driving to Klammath Falls!

I guess we see where Mattie get's her silly faces from! Like father like daughter!

It took us 23 hours to get home! Ugh!

We let the kids play in the car while we got gas. Then we stopped and had breakfast to stretch our legs.

As you can tell it was tiring and on some levels made us delirious. hee, hee

We made it home safe and loved the trip. I do believe it is safe to say though that we won't be traveling there for a while (especially not by car with small children).

Today Brayden is 2 months! How does it happen so fast? We love you little man and are so glad you have joined our family!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Girls!!

So my baby girls have both had a birthday. Kylee turned 2 on Sunday and Mattison turned 5 yesterday. On Sunday we had a fun evening with all of my family. We had a yummy spaghetti birthday dinner! Then yesterday Mattie went to school and I went and volunteered in her classroom for a few hours. She loved it! Then we came home and Mattie and Kylee opened their presents then we made cupcakes.

Let me just say YUMMY!

Once again Mattie wanted spaghetti for her birthday dinner. We were lucky to have some dinner guests- Papa, Nana and Grandma Weathersby.

Then we had Kylee and Mattie blow out birthday candles on their cupcakes(since Kylee didn't get to on Sunday).

We have had a few couple of days. Mattie then was able to open her birthday presents from Aunt Krista and Grandma. She was lucky enough to open her present from Nana and Papa on Sunday with Kylee. Thanks everyone for the great presents! Happy birthday girls! Mommy and Daddy love you both SO very much and are so happy to have you in our family!

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Do!!!

When you have the BEST hair stylist in the world you let them be free with theirs shears! :) She is AMAZING!! THANKS Erin! If you want an appointment with her click on her blog from my sidebar and leave a comment for her to contact you. She is worth every penny you will spend! Promise!!!

I LOVE my new do! What do you think?