Sunday, March 13, 2011

I miss you!

So a lot has happened in the last few months! So much I haven't been able to blog. Mattison has lost both of her front teeth and looks ADORABLE (picture to come). Kylee has been learning and growing in preschool. She has an ANGEL for a teacher!! Mrs. Walters has been a great blessing to our lives. Brayden is RUNNING everywhere! He doesn't stop! He eats like a lion and his weight shows it. Actually he doesn't look heavy but you pick him up and he is solid mass! I have still been working at my dad's chiropractic office in the mornings and loving it. Also one of my best friends Jen has been helping me do different repairs around my house. We painted our built-in entertainment center and it looks AWESOME! Next I'm painting Brayden's room (so there won't be pink in there anymore, hee, hee). Billy is doing some handwork around the house as well (like repairing toilets). Such fun! I miss all my blogging friends! I still read blogs regularly but have not had time to go to my mom's to do my blog. We are going to be getting internet again at our house so then I will be more frequent. Until then leave a comment so I know you still love me!!! ;)