Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm back!!

So a lot has happened in the last few weeks. To much to keep up with but I will try to recap in an abbreviated way! I had been feeling pretty sick a few weeks ago with the pregnancy so I didn't have the strength to blog. Then I had to pack me and my family for a 5 day trip to Utah to surprise my mother-in-law for her birthday. We had been planning this surprise with Billy's sister for a few months and it all worked out great! I'll pics later. While in Utah I got a bad flu bug and Billy had to take me to the ER. What a vacation! Then as we were driving home we got to Las Vegas and Kylee threw up in her car seat. Then after being home for 2 hours Billy started throwing up. That is a Utah trip for us. Every time we come home from Utah we end up sick. It is a good thing we love our family up there :). So now we are home and getting back into our routine. Kylee is learning at least 1 new word a day. I love to see all the things she is learning right now at this age. I am also working a little bit more at my dad's office until the baby is born in October. I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. For anyone who knows me they know I am not a huge fan of getting up early but things could be worse. So needless to say I am staying busy and loving being a mommy. Oh and some of the most exciting news in our house is..........WE ARE HAVING A BOY!!!! That is right Billy is getting his little football player! We are so excited! That is all for now, more to come.