Monday, October 26, 2009

29 years baby!!!

That is right I'm 29 years old today! Yes I am still in my 20's for 1 more year! So I am going to copy my sister Tara here. I would like for my birthday as many comments as I can get :). I would like anyone who knows me, loves me or wants to know me to leave a comment. Share a memory you have had with me. Thanks so much!! I can't wait to read ALL of them!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brayden's 1st football pictures

Yes we start young in this family. Football is a must. A friend of mine asked if she could do a photo shoot of Brayden when he is born. I said "Yes, of course!". So last week he had his 1st photo shoot and here is a sneak peek. Go to Enjoy because they are adorable! Thanks Kierra!!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Hero and the BIG change!!

So as many people know my amazing father was called yesterday as our new Stake President. We found out late Saturday afternoon. To tell you the truth me and the rest of our family were not that shocked. Well at least us girls. My parents on the other hand were a little more stunned. All growing up and to this day my dad has
been my hero. I wanted to do whatever I could to make my dad proud. He loves all of his daughters so much and it showed ever day. He loves having all of the family together as much as possible. I think if my dad could have it his way we would all live on the same property. No joke! When my baby sister Erin got married to her wonderful husband Steve they were going to be living in Mesa. Steve already owned a home there and he had a great job. I thought my dad was going to have a mini break down with his baby being a whole 45 minutes away from him. I am happy to report he has survived it (barely. hee, hee) My parents are such a strength. My parents raised us in the gospel of Jesus Christ. They taught us through example! There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think how happy I was to know that my dad loved my mom SO much! My dad would go to the moon and back to make my mom happy and that meant a lot to me. He was always there to share his testimony of the Savior with us. He loves working with the youth and young adults of the church. He has a great heart and a honest mind. He travels a lot with work that he is involved in with his profession. I have heard many stories from people that he comes in contact with about how impressed they are with his integrity. He always stands up for what he believes in no matter the cost. He serves the Lord with all his heart. We have not sat together as a family in church since 1988 because of the different callings my dad has held through the years. My mom has always been amazing about sustaining him in those callings. I never heard her complain about how he was gone a lot with his calling or how it was hard for her to sit alone with all 4 of us girls during church. I just want to say thank you to my father for being my hero and living up to such a high standard. Thank you for being such a great example and teaching me that it is important to accept the callings you are given in the church (even if they will come with many challenges and lots of time needed away from the home). He always puts his family 1st (after God). Last of all thank you for always loving our fantastic mother and always respecting her. Thank you mom for being such an amazing EVERYTHING! I love you both very much.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Precious Time with Brayden!

Brayden loves his Daddy! This Brayden after his big photo shoot. :) Details on that to come. He was so tired after that he sleep for 5 hours straight!

This is Ava Bean holding Brayden when he is about 1 week old. Every time Tara went to hand him to her she would lay back so Tara could lay him on her. It was so funny!

Seriously they are so cute! Don't you love how they are both sucking on a Binky here? I do!!!

I thought this was such a cute picture. It was like he was totally listening to what his older sister had to say. Mattison loves to take care of her best brother as she says. hee, hee

Sorry about the red eyes here but it is still such a precious picture!

It is amazing how much he is growing and learning each day! Love you Little Man!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Like Mother like Daughter

So all growing up my family teased me about how crazy my hair gets, especially after a great night sleep. We joke that Rolf the hairdresser came to visit me in my sleep. He always does a number on me. I have come to discover that not only does he still work on my hair at night he goes into my little Kylee's room and does her hair now too. Pictures to prove it below :)

Ok so this was my hair for Halloween last year but I still thought it was funny.

So you will start to notice that Rolf's great work is a lot cuter on an adorable little girl than her older mommy.

r>We call these her bushy tails! She loves them.

So Kylee and I would like to thank Rolf for all his hard work each night. It is ok to take a break every once in a while though.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Best husband ever!!!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to my amazing husband! This past week I have not slept very well at night. My husband works nights so when the kids wake up in the middle of the night I deal with it. At 1:30 am last night I was helping ALL 3 children. Now this was not the only time I was up last night so I was already tired. I am well aware that many people have it a lot harder than me and that I need to (as my dad would say) "cowgirl up" but I do not do good with little sleep. So my husband goes to work at about 8:15pm and gets home around 7:40am the next day. He will come home and let me go back to bed for a couple hours and he will stay up with the girls. I love him so much!! I know Heavenly Father knew I needed a man who would be involved in raising his children. I am so grateful to have a man who loves me so much! He loves me and his children so much and it shows. Thank you Billy!! You are a great man and I love you so very much!

He also did all my laundry for me this morning while I was sleeping! Seriously he is amazing!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why me???

So do I have a sign on my head that says I'm a great person to scam! So today I got a text from a friend asking me about "my" weird post on my facebook wall. I was very confused by this text, especially since I haven't posted on my wall in months. So I called him up asking what he was talking about. He told me he thinks someone must of hacked into my facebook account. It said things like "Ask me how I earned $761 dollars from google. Click on this link." blah, blah, blah! None of that was me (except the blah, blah, blah part hee, hee). I hate being the victim of any theft just like anyone else. The fact that someone can hack into my facebook account which is suppose to be confidential or when I had my credit stolen and I had to deal with the mess of getting it all straightened out. It was a long few months of trying to get it all fixed. Anyways I just want to say to the world right now..."leef me alone, I no want you scams or theft!!!!" You have to say that with a spanish accent to make it sound right :). Have a great day!!! Hope you are all victim free! :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Independent Princess X2!

Mattison went to our churches annual princess ball with her daddy as her prince charming. She had a blast!

She danced the night away. She danced with her daddy, cousin Gracie, lots of friends and Uncle Steve when Gracie would allow Mattie to get near him. :) Gracie had Steve as her date because her daddy had to work. So Gracie figured since Steve was her date she didn't have to share him. hee, hee I think it is safe to say that Uncle Steve is loved!

Mattie loves getting all dressed up and getting her hair curled. She even gets a little makeup to wear. I kept getting text from Billy while he was at the dance saying "It is SO hot in here!" I'm so grateful that Mattie and Billy had such a great time. I'm even more excited that next year he is taking BOTH of the girls to the dance. He could of actually taken both the girls this year but he said he wouldn't be able to spend much time dancing with Mattie if Kylee were there because she doesn't hold still. I knew this was true so I kept Kylee home and let Billy enjoy the night out with Mattison.

So Kylee has had a new fascination with wearing a swimsuit as much as she can. She will wear it as long as we let her. She gets mad when we have to take the suit off to change her diaper.

Billy says he doesn't understand why she wants to wear multiple outfits or swimsuits through out the day. I then have to explain that she is a GIRL and this is what GIRLS do. BOYS play with trucks and get dirty. GIRLS play dress up and change outfits as many times a day as they can. It is just how it goes. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pictures of Brayden's 1st week!

We are so excited to have Brayden here with us!! He is such a great baby! He looks exactly like his daddy, even more than Mattison if you can believe that. I didn't think that was possible. So here are some great pictures of him this last week.

Isn't he so reverent? :)

You can't see it but his shirt says "Mommy's little quarterback". So cute!

Kylee is enjoying having a little guy around. You'll note her hair is a little crazy but atleast she is dressed.

My two binkie babies :)

One picture with his eyes open having daddy time. The next few pictures are of what he does most the time.

Ashlyn holding Brayden for the 1st time.

Sydney holding Brayden for the 1st time.

Now the delivery story of my little man. It is a long story but it is a story I never want to forget because it is such a blessing!

The day before Brayden was born my amazing sisters Tara, Krista and Erin threw me a AWESOME football themed baby shower. Pictures to come, I forgot my camera that night so I have to get pictures from my mom's camera. Anyways the shower was great and we got so much amazing stuff for our little guy. Thanks everyone who was there! Thanks to my great sisters for all their hard work and time that they put into the shower. So one of the games that night was to guess when I would have Brayden so I couldn't tell anyone that the whole time I was at my shower I was in labor. :) Yes you read that right! As soon as the shower was done Billy drove me to the hospital and I was admitted. Brayden was determined to come sooner than his due date which was fine with me as long as he was healthy. At 11:30 am my doctor broke my water and within 10minutes I went from a 7 to 10 in dialation. My contractions were very intense. I had an epidural but I asked that they don't give me the full dose because I wanted to be able to feel when contractions were coming to help me push. Within 5 minutes of breaking my water I told Billy get me the nurse now I think it is time. He said no he just broke your water and you were a 7. I said get the nurse now please. She came in and sure enough I was a 10. They ran and got Dr. Nelson and 5 minutes later is was out. I did one session of pushing and he was out. It was very fast!!! He was purple when he came out and I was concerned. They hurried and took him from me and they bagged him to help him breath and the stuck a tube down his mouth to suck out some of the extra gas and stuff that was in his body. They put a c pap machine on him to help him breath. He would take in oxygen fine he just wouldn't breath out as well. He was in the NICU for the 1st 24 hours of his life. I was stressed I just wanted to see my baby and know that he was okay. They took my epidural out and from their everything for me changed too. I had been having a headache durning the pregnancy but I just tried not to think about it. Then when they took the epidural out my headache went to unbarable. I was in excrutiaing pain. Everytime I tried to sit up I threw up and I felt like my head was going to crush my neck. With sometime the discovered that I was having a spinal headache. Meaning my spinal fluid was leaking where my epidural had been. So they drew a bunch of my blood and they placed the blood in the spot where my epidural site was. It is called a blood patch. I felt relief and was so happy. I still had to stay down and not stand up but atleast my head didn't hurt. Then the next morning I sat up and it was happening again. They said that the 1st blood patch must not have gotten it all. So they went in AGAIN and drew more of my blood and did another blood patch. So this is like have 3 epidurals now. The doctor said "Oh yeah here is some more fluid". So they made me lay flat on my back for 13 hours without movement so the patch would heal right. So it is now Sunday and I haven't left my bed since I delivered Brayden. I felt so much relief though that I didn't care. I was able to go home that evening and I was so happy. My legs were very weak because I hadn't been able to use them for days. I didn't get to see my baby for about 6 hours. I got to NICU to hold him and within 2 minutes I was throwing up again so I had to leave. I was balling!! The one amazing thing is that after I threw up I was waiting for my nurse to come get me to take me to my room and I talked to Brayden as much as I could and just told him I loved him. As I did this the stats on his machines were beeping. His nurse said it is because he was doing so good. Him hearing my voice was making his oxygen level go to 100 which it hadn't done until I started talking to him. That helped me know my baby knew who I was and that I loved him. I knew everything was going to be okay after that moment. I thank my Heavenly Father for the great miracles that happened during this time. Welcome to the world Brayden!!