Thursday, November 11, 2010

SO many things......

Oh how I've missed thee! So I have not had Internet (& still don't) at home. I have it on my phone but it is hard to blog from my phone. Anyways, so I have missed posting. SO many things have happened these past 5 or 6 weeks. Brayden turned 1! I turned 30! Oh and so many other fun things. So to start...Brayden turning 1!Here is Brayden on his BIRTH day! 1st picture with his daddy!
It's amazing how much they grow and change each day and each month, especially the 1st year of their life!
He is such a happy boy. Some of his favorite things to do are: making noise-whenever and however. For example my parents have these metal chairs on their tile floor and Brayden stands there and shakes them as hard as he can so that it is as loud as he can possibly get it. The louder the better to him-all this is done with a huge grin on his face! teasing his sisters- I swear the kid came out of the womb knowing how to tease. I think it actually does travel in the blood. My dad and husband both love to tease, but as Mattie tells you that Papa (my dad) teases her because he loves her. So now she believes anyone who teases does it because they love you. Good thing because Brayden LOVES his sisters A LOT! Daddy time- he loves to do whatever daddy is doing if it's cooking in the kitchen ,wrestling on the floor or watching football he is there. He loves to throw the football back and forth to daddy. Yes he is only 1 and he loves to throw the football.
I am so happy to have this little man in my life! He makes me smile, laugh, enjoy life and some days makes me want to pull my hair out but it is all worth it! I'll post pictures from his party next time because I have been doing this for a while and my kids are off playing with the horses and I want to watch.
Enjoy the pictures from the past...also a post about my birthday can be read here.

Kylee always!

Kylee at 1 month week she turns 3!

Mattie enjoying her new baby sister...they are SO dang cute!!
Mattie when she was about 2 and had a bad sunburn on her face...and next week she turns 6!