Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Backround

Hi everyone!! Hope you are having an awesome day!! So I want your opinion on the new backround of my blog. Do you like this one or the pink backround I had before better??????? Funny question I know but never hurts to ask right? ha, ha Have a WONDERFUL day!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Donations for Christian & Nie

Anyone who is willing and interested in helping my relatives with their medical expenses please feel free to click on the below button "Donate to Nie". Thank you so much for your support their medical expenses are predicted to be in the multi-millions. Bless you!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mattison's 1st dance class

Last night was Mattison's 1st dance class at Dance Magic. Oh did she love it!! She was so excited to be wearing her ballet shoes and doing all the moves. Last night they learned a few ballet moves and Mattie picked it all up very quick. She is so talented. They had a little balance beam that was only a few inches from the ground and she did it all by herself the very 1st time. All the other girls in her class had already been going to class for 2 weeks and some of them still needed help. She has great balance, I guess that is what happens when she has been standing on her daddy's round belly since she was tiny! :) Love you Billy!!! So anyway she loves it of coarse. Next week I will try to take some pictures so you can see. The next adventure is preschool! She starts Sept 2nd and can't wait. Good job Mattie at dance class mommy is soooooooooo proud of you. Thanks Aunt Tata for the hook ups :) ha, ha and most of all thanks Nana and Papa for paying for the classes you have made a dream come true for your beautiful granddaughter!!! Love you!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Billy & Brianne for Eternity

This is a picture from Dec of 2007 that I love of my "boyfriend" & I. I love Billy so much and am grateful for all he does for our family. He loves me so much and always wants the best for me. Here is a good example, this will make a lot of other wives jealous, he will wake up early with the girls and let me sleep in as long as I want. No joke as long as I want and not disturb me. He also likes to make dinner and he helps with the girls a ton. He loves being a daddy and I am so glad. I love you Billy so much!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sending Love and Well Wishes to Christian & Nie Nie

Today I witnessed love in ways a lot of people don't get to see. At least it seems that way more these days. Today I went with my parents, sisters, aunts, neices, nephews and my girls to the Mesa Arizona Temple. We were there with many people we did not know but we all had the same purpose, showing love and support for Christian & Nie Nie and their family. There we released balloons honoring my 2 special people who are struggling right now. Last Saturday my second cousin Christian and his wife Stephanie (her family calls her Nie Nie) were in a horrible plane crash on a private plane. There was only them and the pilot on board. They had stopped in St John's Arizona to refuel and continue the flight back home to there 4 beautiful children when for some reason the engine stalled and they plane crashed into some power lines from there the plane crashed into a neighborhood pile of lumber. The plane exploded as they were trying to escape so they have suffered severe burning. The pilot sadly did not make it. Our prayers go to his family and loved ones. Christian suffered from a fractured low back and 30% of his body is covered in 3rd degree burns. Nie Nie has 3rd degree burns on 80% of her body. We are all optomistic in their recovery! I took some pictures of the balloon releasing today. I hope we can all keep them in our prayers whether we know them or not.

Who says you have to be a kid to build a fort

One Saturday daddy had to work all day and I decided as the mommy that it was going to be a day for me and the girls to have FUN!! I showed Mattison how to build a REAL fort. She loved it!! We started small with picture in the bottom left and ended up with the two pictures on top. For anyone who has been in my front room they know how big it is. I used the entire room and turned all my furniture around so I could make a HUGE fort. We put a little fan in there when we were done building so we could enjoy lunch in our new fort. Not only did we eat lunch in there we also took a nap in there. It is tiring building a fort, at least for me it was :). But it was a memory I will never forget and I hope my girls never forget. I love you Mattison and Kylee!!

Mattie's 1st dance show

This Mattie with daddy. She is all dressed and ready to go to her very 1st dance show. This summer a 9 year old girl from my church did a dance class at her home for girls between the ages of 3-5. Mattie went for 2 weeks and now it is time for the show!! She did such a great job! She loves to dance. She is so excited because her Nana and Papa just told her they would pay for her to go to dance class at a dance studio. The same studio her cousing Gracie goes too. That made her even more excited because she adores Gracie and likes to do anything she does. Good luck Mattison and have fun and dance class!!

Princess Ball

Here is Billy and Mattison going to the Annual Princess Ball at our church. Mattie loves going on date's with daddy but she especially loves date's where she get's to be dressed up! What girl doesn't love a great spinning dress, curled hair and a little blush to go dancing in. :) She tell's her daddy your the Prince and I'm the Princess now let's go to the ball! They had a great time and can't wait tell next year.

Daddy and Kylee

Here's daddy and Kylee having fun with daddy's hat. Both my girls have been fascinated with
daddy's hats. I think they ALL (Billy, Mattie and Kylee) look cute in the hat. I am so grateful to have a wonderful husband in my life. He loves me and our girls so much and he shows it to us everday. He is always there when I need a hug or just need a listening ear. He is an amazing husband and father. I thank my Heavenly Father that he put us in eachother's paths. I love you Billy!!!!! X O X O

Easter Day

Here is Mattie and Ky-Ky on Easter Sunday. Don't they look sooooooo cute!! Mattie loves being a big sister to Ky-Ky as she calls Kylee. We have all kind of picked it up as a nickname now too. Kylee will acually answer to Ky-Ky. I love my girls so much and am so blessed to have them in my life. Even if they are both huge daddy's girls.

Kylee loves eating (or making a mess while eating)

Kylee joined our family on November 15th 2007!! She is such a joy to us. She always has a great smile for us! She already loves to make others smile and laugh. When she was born her right collar bone was broken, we never would have known though except for the doctor said her arm was not responding like it needed too. They took an x-ray and sure enough it was broken. The reason I say you never would have known otherwise is because she didn't even cry when she was born. They actually thought maybe something was wrong but then they just said she was mellow. I was already saying a prayer thanking Heavenly Father :) hee, hee. Anyways here is a funny picure of Kylee eating her food.

Who doesn't love making cookies with mom :)

This was a day Mattie and Mommy spent some time in the kitchen making cookies. I don't know, can you really say making cookies when the cookie dough comes out of a tub (ha, ha). You'll notice the tub in the far right corner. Hey it is okay though because we still had fun doing it TOGETHER!