Thursday, November 11, 2010

SO many things......

Oh how I've missed thee! So I have not had Internet (& still don't) at home. I have it on my phone but it is hard to blog from my phone. Anyways, so I have missed posting. SO many things have happened these past 5 or 6 weeks. Brayden turned 1! I turned 30! Oh and so many other fun things. So to start...Brayden turning 1!Here is Brayden on his BIRTH day! 1st picture with his daddy!
It's amazing how much they grow and change each day and each month, especially the 1st year of their life!
He is such a happy boy. Some of his favorite things to do are: making noise-whenever and however. For example my parents have these metal chairs on their tile floor and Brayden stands there and shakes them as hard as he can so that it is as loud as he can possibly get it. The louder the better to him-all this is done with a huge grin on his face! teasing his sisters- I swear the kid came out of the womb knowing how to tease. I think it actually does travel in the blood. My dad and husband both love to tease, but as Mattie tells you that Papa (my dad) teases her because he loves her. So now she believes anyone who teases does it because they love you. Good thing because Brayden LOVES his sisters A LOT! Daddy time- he loves to do whatever daddy is doing if it's cooking in the kitchen ,wrestling on the floor or watching football he is there. He loves to throw the football back and forth to daddy. Yes he is only 1 and he loves to throw the football.
I am so happy to have this little man in my life! He makes me smile, laugh, enjoy life and some days makes me want to pull my hair out but it is all worth it! I'll post pictures from his party next time because I have been doing this for a while and my kids are off playing with the horses and I want to watch.
Enjoy the pictures from the past...also a post about my birthday can be read here.

Kylee always!

Kylee at 1 month week she turns 3!

Mattie enjoying her new baby sister...they are SO dang cute!!
Mattie when she was about 2 and had a bad sunburn on her face...and next week she turns 6!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Messy faces + Lots of fun

Kylee showing off how yummy all the chocolate that she just shoved in her mouth is!
This is MY bed almost EVERY night. Yes this is a KING size bed. You'll notice Kylee sprawled sideways across the bed with Mattison right next to her. Then you think it would be ME next to Mattison but NO it is her pet GINORMOUS horse Progo. Where do I fit you ask? The answer is in Mattison's bed. (Little reminder that Billy works nights 4 nights out of the week so I'm going to be sleeping alone anyways). hee, hee
Brayden found a piece of chocolate that Kylee dropped on the floor and made sure to gobble that up as you can tell by his face. The picture truly doesn't do it justice. If you look closely there is chocolate on his finger...the other hand is worse your just can't see it.
Daddy and his little man wearing their hats while watching Mattison and Kylee compete on the horse. This is actually where Brayden learned to clap and that made his Papa very happy. He started clapping after he saw roping. Future roper :)
This towards the end of that same day and this was at Mormon Lake so it was starting to cool down and I couldn't find his jacket. So this is the hazards of having only older sisters for backup.

Still dealing with the headaches myself but I think that I am being lead in the right direction right now. Thanks to my mom and a lot of research, my Aunt Linda and my google abilities with Mayo Clinic website. I'll keep you posted! Thanks for your prayers!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010




Seriously I WANT this A-MA-ZING machine SO much. I know I could decorate my home in the way I have wanted for so long. Want to see the miracle machine click on the link above.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've missed a lot of the outside world. The night before last i had a slumber "party" at the hospital. I've been suffering with SEVERE headaches and migraines. They have taken over my little world. I have to an MRI done and see a neurologist. So hopefully we'll have some answers soon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Perfect meal!

Anybody want some BABY STEW?!?!
SO delicious!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

13! Now my lucky number

So if anyone is interested to know why 13 is my new lucky number it is because....that is how many pounds I lost in a week with the new diet I am doing!! That is right 13 POUNDS ARE GONE!!! I had just purchase some new shorts right before I started this and I wore them yesterday I wore them and had to roll them twice so they wouldn't fall down!! :) I love that feeling! I can wear my wedding ring with comfort again! That's right I LOST 13 POUNDS LAST WEEK...and I'm working for more weight to live this body this week! I'll post pictures later.
If you want to know more click on this web address or copy it and put it in your search engine and it will take you right there. It explains how the diet works and it is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Again in case you missed how much...13 POUNDS!! I'm so excited to keep getting back to a better and healthier me. Come join me in this great adventure and if you want a cheerleader let me know and I'll be there!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Look at your Reflection

Copy this web address and take a few minutes to learn a little bit more about why you are a swan!

I am a swan (in progress) :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Question #3

What is the very 1st thing someone does to gain your trust as a friend?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Question # 2

What does it mean to "cut the apron strings"?
(how far does that go for you, what things do you eliminate once you are married, etc)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Question # 1

So for the next few days I would like to post a question a day and hear your answers. I know they might sound silly but it would really mean a lot to me. So here I go with question #1

Question #1
What does "keeping the Sabbath day holy" mean to you?
(Like what do you do on the Sabbath, what is meaningful activity for you on the Sabbath?)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quotes by Kylee

These are 2 very funny things Kylee has said to me in the past couple days...Quote 1
mommy says "Kylee how did you get so big?"

Kylee says "Chicken nuggets"

(answered by a true 2 year old) hee, hee

Quote 2

mommy says "Girls time for scripture study."

Kylee says "My turn...and it came to pass."

so cute she thinks every verse of the scriptures begins with this sentence.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Amazing & Inspiring Woman

So I have been filling in at my dad's office while one of his staff members is out of town so I have not had much time to do blogging. I just wanted to post a special moment that I just had. I was reading Nancy Page's blog (she's on my sidebar) and I was catching up. I enjoyed reading about birthday parties and all the great joys and fun things going on in their lives. Then I got to the post about their angel Quinn. You can read the post by clicking here
As I read this post (and while I'm typing this) I can't stop the tears. I feel the spirit so strong whenever I have heard Nancy or anyone else speak about Quinn. Nancy pointed out some things I needed to hear. Remember the little things-take time to enjoy the joys in life. I remember attending Quinn's funeral, I had just gotten home from my 18 month mission for my church. I didn't know Nancy or Greg but I was in their ward and I know this might sound funny to some of you but I felt like I KNEW Quinn. I still to this day remember the amazing spirit I felt as we celebrated her life even though it was cut so short. She may have only lived shortly in this life but I can tell you I KNOW she has touched and continues to touch so many lives. I want to thank Nancy for her amazing strength and inspiration. She reminds me what I need to always remember-enjoy today! I know that whenever I think of Quinn (or Nancy for that matter) I will think of the little joys in my drinking a fresh squeezed lemonade outside while the sun beats on my warm skin and I look back at pictures of the JOYS in my life and looking forward to the ones in the future. Thank you Nancy!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Give me GREEN...

I give you CLEAN! That is right that is my new sales pitch :) So I have just taken up cleaning houses for extra money. I used to do this job when I was a teenager. My best friend Amanda's mom and her friend Chris owned a cleaning business and they hired Manda and I to help. I have already taken on 2 houses and I am interested in some more houses. If you are interested let me know and I will give you estimates on pricing! Once again...
Give me GREEN...I give you CLEAN!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I believe that all can benefit from watching this short message. It reminded me that my plans may be of good intention but not the right time. That at the appropriate time we will be blessed with what we need. I can say with all my heart that I know that this message is true in its entirety. I hope that anyone who reads this blog post will take a few minutes to be enlightened. Have a great day!!!
(Just click on Good Things to Come below and the message will pop up.)


Monday, June 14, 2010

Brayden is a big boy now!

So Brayden loves to say "dada". It is so cute! In fact he said it for the 1st time the night before Billy's 32nd birthday. I told him that is mine and Brayden's birthday gift to him. I hope our last child will say mama 1st. Or at least say Mama before "football" unlike Kylee. Anyways this is video of Brayden boy saying Dada. We love having this little man in our family. He is so fun! He laughs so much and loves that he is mobile. He literally goes anywhere and everywhere, even if he shouldn't be there. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Do-A Line Style

So Mattison has been asking for a while to get her hair cut short like her cousin Gracie's. So her daddy and I said she could cut it this summer. It's summer! So today her Aunt Erin cut her hair and it looks...AMAZING!!!

So do you think she likes it. NOPE! SHE LOVES IT and so do I!!! I loved it so much I decided to copy her. Actually I got my hair cut first but I still would have had my haircut the same way. ADORABLE! Thanks a million Erin you are AMAZING!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last Day of School!

She did it, and with flying colors I might add!! We are so proud of Mattison and her great job and completing kindergarten. This is no ordinary kindergarten class. They are required to do a lot of big stuff. A lot more then I was asked to do in kindergarten. She had to memorize and assigned poem EVERY month, 10 spelling words a week, 10 NEW phonograms and review 10 phonograms a week (the 10 spelling words and 20 phonograms were tested every Thursday and then again on Friday for those who did not get 100% on Thursday's testing.) Mattison has great memory so she excelled in both these areas. At the end of the year Mattison was required to test on 70 phonogram. She not only passed but received 100%. Here is Ms. Malone presenting Mattison with a certificate of achievment for reveiving 100% on her 70 phonogram test. The principal awarded the certificate to anyone in the school who received 100%. FYI-that was a special group of students!< This is the principal (in black) presenting Mattison's teacher Mrs. McGinty at the end of the year awards ceremony. I LOVE Mrs. McGinty and would love if she taught more of my children!!She turned 5 in Nov. and she was reading by Dec. which is just amazing. Here are a few photos from the play that Mattison and all the other kindergarteners put on for their parents and grandparents (and any one else who could come). This is Mrs. McGinty again, this time she is in charge of directing all the students. As you can see Brayden was well taken care of and Mattison had a great group of fans there in person and in spirit. Thanks Nana, Aunt Tara, Ava, Kylee, Brayden, Daddy, Mommy and Aunt Ashley for coming to my play (said Mattison ha, ha).
Mattison has already asked to go back to school and she has only been out for 2 weeks. Oh boy this is going to be a long summer. :) Oh well we will just spend a lot of time swimming and enjoying time as a family. She reads by herself for at least 15 minutes a day. She is reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" (thanks Aunt Ashley!). We are so proud of you Mattison and all you accomplished!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Activities at the Chase home

Getting in to mommy's make-up (while she is trying to clean up one of my previous messes).
Playing with friends.
Wrestling with our buddies.Flirting with the ladies!and so much more!! Then we crash hard!

Time for bed! (Thank goodness!)

Monday, May 31, 2010

Brother Woodward

Chuck & (his beautiful sweetheart) Marilyn Woodward

So Friday morning I found out from my dear friend Amanda, that her grandpa, Chuck Woodward had passed away. I want to send my love to the Woodward/Moses family. I have been blessed to know this wonderful family for about 14 years now. Chuck served in the singles bishopric with my dad. He was and will always be loved by so many that he served with. He taught through example and love. He left behind (for a time) a beautiful and AMAZING wife! She is such a blessing to so many. Chuck and Marilyn have been together since they were sophomore's in high school. I have heard different family members say that they were the "it" couple in high school. I guess some things don't change from high school because they were still and "it" couple in my eyes. They loved each other so much and you could see it in their eyes! For anyone who may have known this great man, his funeral is being held at the Deer Valley Stake Center (about 29th Ave & Rose Garden Ln) at 10 am on this Wednesday June 2nd. If you are able to attend that would be wonderful. Again I just want to send my love and condolences to the Woodward/Moses family. I LOVE YOU!!!

Jen thanks for the picture (I stole it from your blog)! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So I learned you CAN in fact teach an old dog new tricks. So yesterday I was SO domesticated! Look I'm even wearing an adorable apron my mom gave me. That's right Martha Stewart eat your heart out. hee, hee So here is a summary of my endevors for showered (huge task as any mother knows), babysat my friend Amanda's 2 kids-Kadence (2yrs old) & Jakey (11 months old) as well as watch my 2 youngest-Kylee (2yrs old) and Brayden (8 months old) all by myself. Then I took all 4 kids (again by myself) to my parents house to let out some energy-the girls got to ride the horse with Papa. Jakey sat on the horse with Papa for a picture (sorry the pics are on my phone and I don't know how to get them on my computer). But I do have pictures of what happens to 2 little cowboys after a hard day at the ranch.
Played the recording of Tausha and I singing for my mom. Then packed up all 4 kids again to take them home. Fed them lunch and put them all down for a nap. In case I didn't mention I am doing this all alone. :) Then while the kids are sleeping Ginny comes over (actually Jakey woke up just before she came and she put Brayden back to sleep after we left) so that Billy and I could go to an appointment that we had. Thanks a million Ginny!! Then straight from our appointment we picked Mattie up from school and went home. Kylee just woke up as we are walking in the door. So I have some play time with the kids then I let them watch "Princess and the Frog" for a little bit while I read blogs. I read a blog post from here and was inspired! So I now am watching 5 children and I decide I'm going to make brownies from scratch (that's right ladies no box)
and I also made hot fudge from scratch. Also may I say they were SO YUMMY! Thanks Liz for the great recipe! In fact I called to tell my parents about how domesticated I was today and my dad said (not so sutly mentions he and Brother Fellows will be working hard at the church at 7:30 pm. So like a loving daughter I went and delivered the yummy dessert with a few scoops of vanilla bean ice cream for the 2 hard working men. I also decided to make homemade french fries to go with our barbequed hamburgers and hot dogs. Fresh cut tomatoes!
Fresh cut onions! There was lettace too but I didn't take a picture.
I KNOW! I told you I was domesticated yesterday! I also kept my kitchen clean while I was cooking. Miracles do happen. As you can see my dinner guests were very happy. Billy was here but not in the picture because he was helping with Brayden at the time. Thanks Babe!!
Then after feeling so domesticated and like I had really accomplished a lot for the day I did the following...slept like a baby! Doesn't that look great!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hide n' Go Seek

So everyone loves the classic game of hide n' go seek, including me. There is just one thing, I do NOT enjoy the game at 1:30 am! So for anyone who has read previous post know that Kylee is "adventurous" in her sleep. She moves, kicks, punches, walks, runs and hides all while sound asleep. So the other night Mattie had come into my room to tell me her toe hurt. I got her back to sleep and went to put her back in her bed. After I laid her down and had her all tucked in, I checked on Kylee in the next bed. Well at least she was SUPPOSE to be in the next bed. So I start doing my normal search for Kylee. I check all over the floor in her room, NOPE. Then I check under Mattie's bed sure that she would be there, NOPE. By this point I'm getting more concerned so I go check to make sure she had not snuck into my bed, NOPE. So I run out to the front room and this is where I find her....

So I just let her stay there. I put a blanket on her and gave her Binky and blankie and went back to bed. I didn't hear from her again until 6 am. She never once came into my room. It was a miracle.So then the next night I was out at my friend Amanda's house until after the girls were in bed. So I went in to check on them and this is what I saw. Apparently Kylee just does better if she is sleeping near someone or a big fluffy couch cushion.I once again was ok with this sleeping arrangement because it meant she wasn't in my bed with me. Mattie may not agree. :)So why do I even waste the space in the girls room with this mattress when this is all it is...a space waster. It is always like this. She doesn't even take naps in her bed, she takes them in Mattie's bed while Mattie's at school. The other day I put Kylee down for a nap earlier than usual because I knew it was better for her to be safe in bed than me beating her. hee, hee By 11:30 am on this particular day she had poured 1/2 gallon of water all over my kitchen floor, had to 2 pee accidents on my carpet, poured a bowl of popcorn on my carpet and shattered a glass jar on the kitchen floor. Yes, it was definitely time for nap (even if it is in Mattie's bed). ha, ha