Friday, April 30, 2010

Potty Training a stuborn 2 year old may kill me!!

The title pretty much explains this post. Kylee potty trains when it is convenient for her and ONLY when she wants. I used to think well parents just need to stick it out and they will give in...NOPE! Kylee is not that way. She WILL NOT do something unless it is HER idea. This face scares me because I know she just thought of something mischievous to do.
Today she is trying to really test her boundaries! For example about 10 minutes ago she told me to shut up. I actually don't know where she got that because we don't say it at our house. Anyways. Also anyone who knows Kylee knows she really only has 2 volumes...LOUD...and LOUDER!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this girl (hence the reason she is still going strong). But today would have for sure been one of those days when I would have gone to my mom's house to get a little help because Billy is pretty sick so he is not able to help. To bad my mom is out of town with my dad until tomorrow. They have been gone all week and I miss them (for more than 1 reason). Brayden is getting more speed with the army crawl and working on the leg and arm crawl. So he gets mad if we leave the room and comes after us now. :) So that adds to the fun. Anyways, Kylee- I look forward to the day when one of your children is reading this and is laughing. I love you Kyky Bug!!! I also look forward to tonight when you (and I) are doing this because I am exhausted from today.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Man on the MOVE...even through a tornado!

Yep! Brayden is on the move. Nothing stops this boy now! When I say nothing I mean NOTHING! He even crawled through a Mattison/Kylee tornado. I now know why tornado's are always given a persons name. Because it reminds us of our childhood or of our children's childhood. We have double twisters at our house all the time (and I'm sure soon enough it will be a triple twister).So I was trying to pick up the girls clothes and organize them a little differently so that they would stop making such a mess trying to find something to wear. Brayden decided to come in and "help" me. His way of helping was to crawl over to one of the piles of clothes I had set aside and pull them apart. Mommy's big helper!
You can see the mischief in his eyes here. He is looking at what thing he wants to tear down next. Even when he makes a mess he is cute! Brayden continues to bring so much joy and laughter to our home. His sisters love him to pieces! I am so eternally grateful for my beautiful family...even if they sometimes turn into tornadoes.At this point Brayden discovered he can crawl under Mattison's bed. What is it about going under Mattison's bed? I find Kylee asleep under there all the time as you can find in past posts. He was pretty proud of himself though (secretly I was too because he is getting around so good).
Here is a little video Brayden doing his thing! Enjoy!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

You wish Krista were your sister!!

So you see this DELICIOUS bread ring? My A-MA-ZING sister Krista spent a great deal of time making this YUMMY orange/raisin bread for my family and for my other sisters Tara and Erin and their families. Krista is a GREAT CHEF, is FUNNY, loves to LAUGH and LOVES her nieces and nephews! She made these for us for Easter and we devoured it! Plus we put my mom's homemade orange marmalade on top and it was so DELICIOUS! I just want Krista to know how much I love her and I am so grateful to her for all she does. Her and my mom make us WONDERFUL dinners on Sunday. I'm so blessed to call her my sister for eternity!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big boy and his baabaa!

So Brayden is becoming such a big boy. He likes to hold his own bottle when he eats. Aunt Erin loves to watch him hold his bottle all by himself. I have to agree it is very adorable. He is just growing up so fast!
So he starts awake and ends up...very asleep! Oh is just so cute!!

I just love having a little guy around the house. He has one thing that I would like to change...Brayden likes to cat nap! That doesn't work for me. So we are working on keeping him awake and letting him take a longer nap. We are so grateful to have this adorable boy in our family. We love you Ironman!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Beautiful day at the park!

So last Friday Mattie didn't have school and it was a beautiful day outside so we went to the local park as a family. It was so fun!! Kylee loved running all along the jungle gym and yelling "Hi mommy!"Mattie was showing off her monkey bar skills...she is awesome!!

Then Kylee and Mommy went down the slide together! Yeah baby!
Brayden was so good as usual. He walked around the park with daddy some and then played in his car seat with some shade for a little bit.
Daddy loved playing with kids at the park and enjoying the great weather! He is so handsome!