Monday, January 25, 2010

Strict Obedience & the Octopus

In the Book of Mormon we learn of the story of Nephi when he is commanded by the Lord to slay Laban the evil king. Nephi is troubled by this because he doesn't want to have to slay any man. He then learns through the Spirit that "it is better that one man perish then nation dwindle in unbelief". So Nephi was STRICTLY obedient. He was blessed for following the prompting of the Spirit. I was also blessed SO very much for following the direction of the Spirit. I was STRICT in my obedience (which is not always the case I must sadly admit) and I ran as soon as I was told in my mind to do so. Two weeks ago I was standing outside the church building after aerobics visiting with a good friend. My (VERY active) 2 year old, Kylee was standing next to me in the parking lot playing with my keys. She just stepped a couple of steps away from me (towards the direction of Happy Valley Rd-a very busy road). I got the STRONGEST prompting to run! Not walk or even speed walk but RUN! I did as I was told and by the time I reached my much faster child than me I was pulling her off the curb. Within 1 SECOND of pulling her 6 cars sped by. I held Kylee as close as I could to my chest. I sobbed!!!! Then I sobbed more! I could not stop because I realized how close to losing my precious daughter I was. If I would have even stopped to think about the prompting or to question it I WOULD NOT HAVE MADE IT IN TIME! That thought is very scary. But I am so grateful that I was strictly obedient. I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving us such a precious gift as the Spirit! Now a guess a few things I can learn and have learned from this experience is there is nothing to substitute STRICT obedience, that the Spirit can bless and SAVE lives, that I need to continue in my STRICT obedience to the Spirit and maybe most of all KYLEE NEEDS TO LEARN STRICT OBEDIENCE!!
Then this last week at school Mattison did her first school project. She was asked to make a object from the sea using 100 objects in celebration of the 100 days of school. So Mattie and I together made salt clay from scratch. Shout out to my mother in law who gave me the great recipe for the clay...Thanks a million! So anyway she decided she wanted to make a pink octopus. We put 12 cheerios on each of the 8 tentacles and three more cheerios to make her face equaling 100 cheerios. She did a great job and her teacher Mrs. McGinty said she was very proud of her great work. Way to go Mattie! By the way YES she really did do most of this by herself, she is such a great girl and very smart!

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's a beautiful life!

Brayden is such a joy to our lives! Yes buddy I mean it!!

Here is our family enjoying our 16th annual Christmas Eve party with out Townsend family!
Mattie always loves the "White Elephant gift exchange"
Here is Brandy and I saying cheese :)

Gates, Tausha and (I think Addi) and Lance's wife
Here is mom and Krista enjoying Rig. He is such a doll! Mom was so lucky and held him a majority of the night! I held Addi for quite a while (but still wanted more).
Here is part of the adorable McMurdie family
Earlier that day Mattie and I built our very 1st gingerbread house. You will notice that there is white frosting all over the front of the house. That is because it is holding the broken pieces together. Mattie was getting so excited that she accidentally dropped the front piece. We made the best of it and still had fun!
I'm pretty sure this is going to have to be an annual Christmas tradition now :)

This isMattison and Kylee dressed in there pretty dresses for the Christmas Sunday at church. The loved that they matched, hair and all. Brayden and I unfortunately missed this Sunday because I had spent the whole night before at urgent care with him. He had double ear infections, respiratory problems, cough and high fever.
He is doing good now! He is growing each day finally. He is learning to laugh and loves to smile as big as possible. More Christmas pictures to come!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goals with a brand new year!

So my husband was talking to him mom on the phone yesterday and she asked Billy "Why hasn't Brianne posted on her blog? I miss the pictures and stories!" So Billy told me and I was so excited! Some of you may think that is weird but I was excited because someone missed ME in the blogging world! So anyways to the reason of why it has been so long is...New Year's goals! So here they are:
1. I HAVE to read my scriptures before I can turn on the computer to do blogging or check my emails (priorities were rearranged :) )
2. To exercise 3 times a week
3. To do some type of service everyday for my hubby
4. Attend the temple more regularly
5. Be more positive

So those are my goals! I have to say I have done them to the best of my ability so far. I haven't missed a day of scripture study and it feels AMAZING! Also I went to Tara's aerobics both days this week and I am going to work out with Amanda on Friday's! Feels good! It has been fun trying to find little creative ways to serve my husband. The reason I did the 3rd one is because as we are taught in the gospel of Jesus Christ, the more we serve someone the more we love them. So I thought what better way to strengthen my love for my husband than by serving him.
I also want to attend the temple more regularly. I know that I can receive so much strength and guidance there. It will help me to accomplish my 5th goal of being more positive! I believe that these are all attainable goals and I look forward to accomplishing them! Happy New Year everyone! TONS of pictures and stories to come in the next post and I promise to do it soon! :)