Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Growing up

 Remember when you were a kid and your parents would tell you that you are growing up to fast...while you are rolling your eyes in your mind. You think I will never be 16 and be able to date or drive. Well history is now repeating itself except it's my child rolling her eyes in her head. I have become my parents feeling that my kids are growing up to fast. Mattison is 6 1/2 (you know you're still young when you're counting 1/2). She has lost both front teeth and looks SO cute!

Kylee is 3 1/2 and loving preschool with Mrs. Walters. She is VERY energetic an full of life. She idolizes her older sister and wants to do whatever she does. I know what that is like, I remember following my older sister Tara around doing whatever she did. I think that doesn't go away completely.
Brayden is 18 months now. WHAT?!? How can my baby be 1 1/2 years old? Seriously this all happens to fast. He is so much fun! He likes to follow Daddy everywhere he goes. Billy was repairing the guest bathroom toliet the other day and Brayden just squatted and jabbered while Billy worked. He already LOVES football just like his Daddy. He can tell the difference between football and basketball. The boy loves sports!

** Ok I am using my mom's computer and I can't figure out how to move pictures and text and it is driving me nuts! So enjoy the text and you can put the pictures & text together for each child. Just be happy for a new post ok? :) hee, hee**


Laurel Baker said...

DITTO!! Can they PLEASE slow down a little bit! Ok - I LOVE LOVE that picture of Brayden in the superman shirt with crazy hair and a chocolate face!! Oh man...he is such a cutie! I just wish I could give you a big HUG right now! I miss you more than you know!

Linda's Latest said...

Your little family IS growing up!!! You feel like your parents, and the scary thing is wait until THEY are parents and you're a grandparent! Whoa!! The circle of life! Where does the time go? Good thing we have eternity.

Steve and Erin Larsen said...

It is SO crazy how fast they grow! I wish we could push a slow down button! Your kids are too cute! I miss them (and you of course!) I cant wait to see you tomorrow!!

Carla said...

I'm happy you posted!

Crystal said...

Hi Brianne,

You commented on our blog that you wanted to keep reading. I decided to create a shutterfly share site and not blog anymore. If you email your email I will invite you to it. my email is ckthomasson@gmail.com
Crystal Thomasson, Ben Thomasson's wife!

p.s. I read your comment about not being able to move pics around and stuff. I use to spend so much time doing that on our blog. Shutterfly is so much easier to use and write blurbs about each picture or a group of pictures. And the pictures up load faster too. You can upload them as group. It is great!

Brianna said...

Hi Brianne.. hope all is well... just wanted to say hi ;)